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Ongoing project

Horticulture National Lean Leaders Program (MT22011)

Key research provider: Moshie Pty Ltd

What's it all about?

This investment provides growers in the apple and pear, onion, raspberry and blackberry, and vegetable industries to participate in a leadership program developed specifically for horticultural industry needs. The program seeks to educate participants on how to lead and sustain continuous improvement in their workplace.

The Moshie National Lean Leaders program is delivered via zoom, consisting of 10 x four-hour workshops across a twenty-week program. Workshops are held fortnightly to allow sufficient time between workshops for participants to apply the learning in their workplace. This format enables significant improvement in the business across the duration of the program.


The 2023 course begins early May and is open to. To apply for a scholarship, contact Bianca Cairns at or Bruce Yelland as soon as possible.


This project is a strategic investment in the Hort Innovation Apple and Pear, Onion, Raspberry and Blackberry, and Vegetable Funds