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Completed project

Podcast for fall armyworm management in Northern farming systems (MT19013)

Key research provider: Cotton Research & Development Corporation
Publication date: Friday, April 16, 2021

What was it all about?

An incredibly destructive exotic pest, fall armyworm was detected on Australian shores for the first time in 2020. This multi-industry and cross-sector project was established to support readiness and help protect the horticulture sector, through the delivery of an educational podcast series for growers.

The series is available from the Plant Biosecurity Research Initiative website and includes interviews with international experts on their experiences with the pest, Australian scientists on current advice and knowledge gaps, and growers and advisors discussing regional topics and responses.

  • Episode 1: Fall armyworm biology and ecology in subtropical and temperate US
  • Episode 2: Applied fall armyworm management in row crops and pastures in Texas
  • Episode 3: Active response to fall armyworm in South Africa
  • Episode 4: FAO’s global action for fall armyworm control
  • Episode 5: Field observations of fall armyworm in northern Australia
  • Episode 6: Footprints in the paddock – approaches to scouting, developing thresholds and tips to familiarise yourself with fall armyworm
  • Episode 7: Field observations of fall armyworm in northern Western Australia
  • Episode 8: Trial observations and laboratory findings on fall armyworm in the Northern Territory
  • Episode 9: Could fall armyworm have been present in our region for longer than first thought? Tracing the spread.

This project was a collaboration between Hort Innovation and other research and development corporations including the Cotton Research & Development Corporation, Grains Research & Development Corporation, Sugar Research Australia and AgriFutures Australia. It was delivered through the Plant Biosecurity Research Initiative, which you can learn more about at


Listen to the podcast series on the Plant Biosecurity Research Initiative website.

Related levy funds

This multi-industry project was a strategic levy investment in the Hort Innovation Melon and Vegetable Funds