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Ongoing project

Taste Australia retail program (MT18017)

Key research provider: Produce Marketing Australia (PMA)

What's it all about?

This multi-industry investment is targeting key international retailers with training and educational resources about selecting, storing, handling and displaying Australian fresh produce in store, including apples and pears, avocados, citrus, table grape and vegetables.

This work is an R&D component of Hort Innovation’s Taste Australia retailer engagement efforts in international markets. Other R&D work under the Taste Australia banner includes Taste Australia trade shows (AM17010) – a parent program that supports attendance at relevant international trade shows, to further develop export opportunities in key Asian and Middle Eastern markets.

Taste Australia is the whole-of-horticulture brand used to increase the profile, sales and consumption of premium Australian horticulture products in export markets, and is a central component of Hort Innovation’s Hort Frontiers Asian Markets Fund. Learn more at