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Ongoing project

Masterclass in macadamia management (MC23001)

Key research provider: Australian Macadamia Society

What is it all about?

This investment delivers a practical, industry-focussed training program for macadamia management skills. 


With rapid industry growth comes the demand for skilled personnel at all stages of the macadamia supply chain. 

For the Australian industry to remain competitive in a rapidly expanding global macadamia industry, achieving high productivity and high kernel quality relies on the industry continuing to innovate and adopt new technologies. This is not possible without adequate education and practical orchard application training.

There are currently no formal educational pathways for macadamia production, and macadamia business owners have identified a significant skills shortage at both middle and senior management levels.


The macadamia masterclass program has been designed for industry by industry and was trialled as a pilot program in the 2022 macadamia season. 

The Masterclass is:

  • Aimed at upskilling managers or farm supervisors/managers with experience in macadamias or related cropping systems and who have oversight of large orchard areas.
  • Designed to deliver a mixture of online and face-to-face training and engagement. 
  • Focused on the delivery of technical content on macadamia farming systems, following the macadamia phenological cycle. It will also deliver an understanding of broader macadamia production and supply chain issues.


The masterclass participants will gain the technical knowledge to improve orchard systems, maintain productive and sustainable orchards, and be better equipped as managers and industry leaders. Participants will also be able to extend and implement acquired skills in managing and empowering staff, further leveraging the return on investment, upskilling themselves for future career progression, and developing an expanding human resource in an industry with a significant skills shortage. 

Overall, the outcome will be better-skilled and informed management staff who implement good farm decisions and practices to improve productivity and profitability in a sustainable and environmentally responsible manner and who are able to proactively contribute to the future of the macadamia industry from both an individual business and wider industry perspective.

Related levy funds

This project is a strategic levy investment in the Hort Innovation Macadamia Fund