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The basics of cover cropping with Dr Kelvin Montagu

Publication date: 5 July 2019


Podcast #1 from Growing Matters podcast series pilot

Get inspired by this podcast with Dr Kelvin Montagu who gives a good overview on cover cropping, the key benefits for using it on your farm – for your wallet and for your soil health – as well as some handy tips and methods for doing it successfully.

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This research was supported by the Hort Innovation Vegetable Fund through the project Optimising cover cropping for the Australian vegetable industry (VG16068).

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About the speaker

Dr Kelvin Montagu
Principal Consultant at Colo Consulting

Kelvin has research and education expertise in irrigation and water management and managing climate change impacts on agriculture. While Kelvin spends his weekdays in the paddock, he likes to spend weekends in the mountains – walking, paddling, skiing and canyoning.

He delivers natural resource outcomes for our forests and agricultural landscapes through research and education projects and has lead research work on carbon sequestration and salinity across Australia’s woodlands and savannahs of northern Australia, and temperate forests from NSW across to Western Australia.

Kelvin also managed the development and extension of research outputs as the Knowledge Manager and Education Program Leader with the CRC for Irrigation Futures.

He authored Food and Fibre: Australia's Opportunities published by The Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering in 

Podcast transcript

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About the Growing Matters pilot podcast series 

Hort Innovation's Growing Matters is a podcast series bringing you tangible information through easy-to-access audio that aims to help you on farm and to grow your business.

In the pilot series, growers, Nuffield Scholars, researchers and subject matter experts talk about protected cropping, waste management and sustainability.