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Marketing snapshot - Hortlink 2017, edition 2

Publication date: 7 June 2017

This Hort Innovation Pineapple Fund marketing snapshot has been taken from Hort Innovation’s Hortlink 2017, edition 2.

Hort Innovation is responsible for industry marketing activities to grow awareness and consumption of Australian pineapples. Using the pineapple marketing levy, recent efforts have included…

Continuing the ‘Endless Summer’ of pineapples

The Endless Summer campaign is all about showcasing Australian pineapples as being available all year round. Activity is continuing into the winter months, with an event planned to highlight the endless seasonality of pineapples, and to increase demand during a higher supply period.

This Endless Summer has been feeding into the social media strategy, with Facebook ( and Instagram (@aussiepineapples) continuing to share summer content into the cooler months of 2017 using the hashtag ‘#EndlessSummer’. Fans in these channels are also being encouraged to share their own pineapple and #EndlessSummer content, increasing engagement and pineapple content across the social media landscape.

Other social media activity

‘Likes’ on the Aussie Pineapples Facebook page have now exceeded 24,720 – seeing more people than ever engaged with the industry, with the most receptive audience continuing to be females aged between 25 and 34. Posts to the page include recipes, health info, usage tips and pineapple facts.

Among the most popular posts to the page has been an image and recipe for Pineapple Lemonade Ice Pops, which received nearly 1800 likes, was shared over 100 times, and engaged some 77,400 people.

Inspirational and Endless Summer pineapple content also continues to perform well on Instagram.

New recipe development

Continuing to build industry marketing assets, six new recipes have recently been developed by pineapple ambassador Martyna Angell, and in March a new recipe book was completed, which finalises series of 12 recipes for this year. The new recipes include:

  • Steamed Fish with Pineapple
  • Cheesy Ham and Pineapple Tray Sliders
  • Pineapple Quinoa Fried Rice (a healthier take on fried rice)
  • Pineapple Gingerbread Crumble
  • Pineapple and Mint Mojitos
  • Pineapple & Strawberry Ice Cream.

The consumer website

A review and intended refresh of the consumer-facing website,, is currently underway. Look for updates in future editions of Hortlink.


These marketing activities are strategic levy investments in the Hort Innovation Pineapple Fund