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Marketing snapshot - May 2019

Publication date: 21 May 2019

This marketing update was prepared by Hort Innovation for the May 2019 edition of The Custard Apple, produced as part of the Hort Innovation Custard Apple Fund investment Custard apple communication and extension program (CU16001).

The custard apple marketing campaign is currently underway to support the 2019 season, focused on raising awareness and appeal for custard apples through education of the fruit and promoting simple usage ideas, including fresh consumption.

Media Relations

Engaging with key media outlets and distributing media packs (including a press release, tip sheet, custard apple recipe card and high-quality images of custard apples) has generated strong media coverage for this year’s season so far.

Key highlights to date include features on Woman’s Day,, and where content was geared towards seasonal announcement, ‘How to eat custard apples’ as well as delicious recipes.

To date, the campaign has delivered 2,600,000 in reach through media coverage.

Farm tour and influencer partnership

Australian Custard Apples partnered with food & lifestyle influencer Dani Stevens ( by hosting her at a custard apple farm in April to experience custard apples from paddock to plate, providing more in-depth coverage for the season.

The custard apple farm tour was a huge success with Dani generating content on the farm to share on her social media platforms to extend consumer reach. Furthermore, custard apple grower, Patti Stacey was able to feature on a Facebook Live video, sharing knowledge and insights on custard apples among advocates. This video has had almost 5,000 views, 8.5k people reached and 959 engagements.

As part of the Australian Custard Apples partnership with Dani Stevens, she developed four new, delicious custard apple-inspired recipes. These will be used for further media engagement and on the Custard Apple Facebook page.

Social Media

Custard Apples Australia social media activity continues to attract and engage consumers and Australian custard apple advocates. Farm content drives the strongest reach and engagement.

Below are the results to date at end of April 2019:






Facebook impressions




Average Engagement rate


>7 per cent

11 per cent

Total Engagements (comments, likes or shares)




*Impressions – the number of times your content is shown in a social media feed

In-store sampling

A joint in-store sampling activation with Australian Custard Apples and Persimmons Australia funded by Hort Innovation took place from the end of March to the end of April to support the two industries in gaining learning’s for future marketing planning. Sampling went live across 98 stores between Woolworths and Coles in Sydney and Melbourne. The intent of the campaign was to:

  • Strengthen awareness of Australian custard apples
  • Increase purchase confidence by empowering shoppers with key information such
    as how to pick custard apples and their availability and health benefits
  • Facilitate immediate purchase by highlighting its position in store
  • Inspire shoppers to become advocates with tasty treat suggestions within the brochure
  • Source refreshed shopper insights for custard apples to reference for future marketing plans moving forwards.

Based on the shopper insights, a majority of the survey participants were unaware of custard apples (46 per cent). 27 per cent were aware but have never tried them before. Interestingly, 82 per cent stated that taste and texture would encourage purchase of custard apples. This suggests that marketing activities focused on driving awareness and promoting trial continues to be key.

Retailer education in handling and storage remains critical with 50 per cent suggesting quality (i.e. look and feel instore) is a critical in encouraging purchase of the fruit.

Over the course of the campaign, a total of 10,980 samples were distributed and an estimated 19,000+ shoppers were exposed to Australian custard apples.

During May, further information about the marketing program was also presented to the Custard Apple Strategic Investment Advisory Panel. To view this presentation, click here.

For any queries relating to the custard apple marketing program or specific information provided above, please email


These marketing activities are strategic levy investments in the Hort Innovation Custard Apple Fund