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Marketing snapshot - Hortlink 2016, winter

Publication date: 24 August 2016

This Hort Innovation Banana Fund marketing snapshot has been taken from Hort Innovation’s Hortlink 2016, winter edition.


The television campaign will run over a five-week period commencing August 21, 2016, aiming to reach between 35 and 40 per cent of people aged 25-49 years at least three times over the campaign period. The audience will see the advertisement on average 4.5 times across the campaign.

Access to view and lifestyle programming will establish and drive awareness of the creative.

The advertisement will be seen on channels 7, 9 and 10 Metro and Regional, and also subscription TV.

Out of home

Out of home activity will build on FY16 and incorporate more time targeting to ensure relevance and longevity in market.

Bus portrait side and backs will drive frequency of message, reaching 3.5 million consumers. Train panels in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane will complement buses and deliver longevity in the market, reaching 1.9 million consumers.

Digital (desktop, tablet and mobile phone advertising)

From August to October 2016, awareness will be driven using programmatic and data matching technology to support the television advertising campaign schedule and extend the reach and frequency among core audiences through advertising on desktop, tablet and mobile phone. The timing of the campaign delivery will be engineered to cement the snack time message though integrated sponsorships and influencers.

Social media (Facebook and Instagram)

Content for the 2016/17 social media program will again focus on the messaging: fun fruit, energy/nutrition, a-peeling snacks and on the growers behind the produce. These content pillars will allow for humour via video and animation, easy recipes and serving suggestions and footage direct from growers to be utilised. The campaign aims to reach at least one million consumers each month.


For the first time ever the banana industry will have a reactive press office. This means we will monitor all mentions of bananas in the media and react. For example, if there’s an oversupply of Australian bananas highlighted in the news, we’ll proactively pitch recipes to media as creative ways to include more bananas in your diet and make the most of the low prices.

Glenn Cardwell has created ‘15 reasons Australian Bananas are so A-ppealing’ and these tips, along with 10 new banana recipes, will be sent to media during the year to garner media coverage.

Susie Burrell will be an Australian Banana Ambassador for the next two years. Susie is one of Australia’s leading dieticians who runs her own healthy eating blog, is well-known as a mother to young twins and is a highly qualified authority to talk to Australian banana health credentials.

She has 400,000 monthly visits to her blog, 4,500 Instagram likes and 93,330 Facebook followers. Her role will include six blog posts, 12 social media posts and six healthy recipes, as well as other outputs key to the success of the PR campaign.


Events are key to promote the health benefits of Australian bananas on a national stage through product sampling and promotion at sporting events across the country, driving key messages to competitors and attendees at 36 events.

Our events ambassador, Billy Slater, will make an appearance at numerous selected events to extend the reach and cut-though.


These marketing activities are strategic levy investments in the Hort Innovation Banana Fund