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Getting even more Aussies to love lychees

Publication date: 25 February 2022

The opportunity

The 2020/21 marketing plan aimed to contribute to improving awareness and increase the number of households who currently purchase lychee. The program encouraged consumers to enjoy Australian Lychees under the positioning ‘add some pop to your summer celebrations’ with Australian Lychees.

The approach

To grow the Australian lychee market, the program focused on increasing product awareness and inspiring consumers to buy Australian Lychees during the peak season. The aim was to do this through seasonal public relations, compelling social media content, and converting consumers on the path to purchase.

Renowned food influencer and recipe stylist Marie Duong of @eatswithmarie was enlisted to create a campaign hero video, recipes, and set of beautifully shot images for use across the marketing program. Marie also published recipes to her Instagram own account, resulting in an additional 98,456 views. These tapped into the latest food and drink trends and were leveraged by the team’s public relations work, which secured coverage in top-tier titles. In total, 23 pieces of coverage ran across traditional and social media, inspiring millions of Australian consumers to eat more lychees.

To target consumers at the point of sale, ads were rolled out with Shopfully, a mobile catalogue app with more than 1.9 million active monthly users. With traditional sampling not an option due to COVID-19 restrictions, digital mobile media was an effective way to reach shoppers.

Shopfully users received information about Australian lychees through proximity notifications when a shopper was near a store. The campaign was live from mid-January 2021 until the end of February 2021, targeting shoppers at Coles, Woolworths, Aldi, Harris Farm and IGA.

The outcome

Thanks to great content and a strategic focus on social media, hundreds of thousands more Australians are now more aware of the many delicious benefits of lychee and more likely than ever to make a purchase.

Digital mobile media activity also resulted in more than 173,000 opportunities to see the lychee inspired content and there was a strong average walk-through rate into store of 38.7 per cent for the campaign. The walk-through rate is a measurement of how many people entered a retailer once receiving a branded communication from Australian lychees, demonstrating that the mobile ads were a strong driver of people to stores.