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Completed project

International cherries trade events (CY23002)

Key research provider: Bastion Australia
Publication date: Monday, March 25, 2024

What was it all about?

In 2023 and 2024, this project promoted Australian cherries in China through season launch events that educated local consumers about the provenance, health benefits and premium nature of the produce.

 The launch events complement a more comprehensive retail-focused marketing program developed in China for the Australian cherry industry as part of the wider Grown in Good Nature program.

These seasons launch events took place in China’s most influential cities of Hanoi, Shanghai, and Guangzhou, with the objective of improving the knowledge, attitude and purchase intent of local consumers and drive volume growth. Industry media and social media influencers were invited to introduce the variety of cherries during the festive season and educate local shoppers about the premium nature of the commodity.

The first event in Shanghai, hosted in partnership with the State Government of Victoria on December 20, 2023, was well received by the public, with multiple guest speeches from:

  •  Brett Stevens, Trade Commissioner to Greater China at Global VIC.
  • Troy Agosti, International Marketing Manager at Hort Innovation.
  • Patrick Ulloa, Export Development Coordinator at Cherry Growers Association.

The second event in Hanoi, hosted in partnership with retail partner Central Retail | Big C Thang Long on January 6, 2024, was well received by the public, with multiple achievements including:

  • Over 200 visitors to the event over the course of the day.
  • More than 20kg of product samples sold.
  •  42 sets of goodie bags redeemed as part of the gift-with-purchase on offer.

The third event Guangzhou, hosted in partnership with Austrade on January 12, 2024, was also well received by the public, with over 300 attendees to the event, taking part in cherry sampling sessions and cherry related games.

Related levy funds

This project was a strategic levy investment in the Hort Innovation Cherry Fund