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Ongoing project

Cherry trade development project 2022-2025 (CY21001)

Key research provider: Cherry Growers Australia

What's it all about?

This investment supports the export readiness of the Australian cherry industry to take advantage of existing, new, and emerging export opportunities through a diverse range of activities. The cherry industry has set a target of exporting 40 per cent of total production by 2025, and this project will contribute towards achieving this goal.

The project is focusing on:

  • Enhancing industry export expertise and capability through delivering market intelligence, export training and resources, and export registration services.

  • Supporting market diversification via maintaining, expanding, and improving market access pathways, including in-market development as per industry priorities.

  • Mitigating risk through emergency response planning, pest and disease management, MRL management and supply chain traceability.

  • Engaging with all stakeholders related to the cherry industry’s international trade matters.

From October 2022 to March 2025, the following activities took place:

  • Development and distribution of a Grower Information Package on the Cherry Trade Development program.
  • Coordination and delivery of trade intelligence reporting throughout the season, including Australian cherry exports by production state and establishment, weekly export snapshots, Chilean cherry exports to Asian markets, and in-market reporting within Vietnam for performance of Australian cherries in comparison to key competitors.
  • Attendance at Asia Fruit Logistica in Thailand.
  • Attendance at the first Phytosanitary Irradiation Forum in Bangkok, as part of the 20th International Meeting of Radiation Processing (IMRP20).
  • Importer engagement and development of the importer database.
  • Engagement of a Trade Development Coordinator.
  • Regular communications to grower-exporters on trade issues throughout the season.
  • Funding and technical support for the Korean verification audit held in January 2023.
  • Review of protocol market registration lists for the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF).
  • Review of the TOCAL crop monitoring program.
  • Assistance to industry stakeholders via the Helpdesk.
  • Enhancement of the Crop Monitoring App to improve reporting mechanisms. 
  • Review and update of the MRL App User Guidelines.
  • Presentation at the International Trade Government Forum.
  • Attendance at Hort Innovation and DAFF committees; ITAP, Horticulture Export Industry Consultative Committee.
  • Provision of emergency response representation via the National Management Group and Consultative Committee for Emergency Plant Pests.
  • Finalisation of participants of the Project Reference Group.
  • Commencement of investigation into the feasibility of developing a national tree census.
  • Attendance at the NFF Hort Council market access roundtable.
  • Webinar on end of season trade performance (scheduled 4 April 2023).

Related levy funds

This project is a strategic levy investment in the Hort Innovation Cherry Fund