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Completed project

Maintenance and ongoing development of communications across the Australian cherry industry (CY11026)

Key research provider: Cherry Growers Australia
Publication date: Thursday, June 2, 2016

What was it all about?

Effective communication among cherry growers and stakeholders is vital for the industry to meet future challenges and opportunities.

The aim of this project was to maintain and build on progress made with the project Developing communications, engagement & capacity across the Australian cherry industry (CY11018).

It ran between 2012 and 2016, and its activities included…

  • Publication of the quarterly industry magazine Australian Cherries

  • Regular mail outs of relevant information as required by post and electronically to Cherry Growers Australia members

  • Delivery of information to growers and other industry stakeholders, through close liaison with state associations and a series of workshops across the growing regions

  • Maintenance and development of the industry website

  • Collection and evaluation of feedback from stakeholders to gain a better understanding of which communication channels are most effective, plus evaluation of emerging and future communication technologies

  • Promotion of communications with state associations to bolster export focus among growers and state associations.

The team also engaged effectively with retailers and wholesalers, government agencies, research organisations and other horticultural bodies.

Other activities included communications extension for domestic cherry production and export development projects, including the Industry Export Plan; Biosecurity Management Program and Framework; and Cherry Export Guide manual – all available from Cherry Growers Australia.

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Funding statement:
This project has been funded by Hort Innovation

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