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Ongoing project

Albedo breakdown prediction (CT23003)

Key research provider: Department of Primary Industries NSW

What is it all about?

The project is investigating the association between albedo breakdown and historical weather data in citrus crops. It seeks to mitigate the risk of albedo breakdown, enhance fruit quality, and improve overall profitability for the Australian citrus industry.


Albedo breakdown in citrus poses significant challenges to the industry in terms of economic costs, lowering fruit quality and increasing spoilage. Treatments are available, however growers need an informed decision-making tool to manage this risk effectively.


The project will create a model that predicts and evaluates albedo breakdown risk based on historical weather data. This will be achieved by analysing climate data, forecasts, and agricultural practices. The model will equip growers with a toolkit to address and manage potential risks inherent in albedo breakdown.

The information will be brought together to create a grower tool for assessing albedo breakdown and a user-friendly guide for risk management.


Growers will gain a tool to assess their risk of albedo breakdown, allowing them to make informed decisions about disease management and potentially increasing pack-out percentages and overall citrus production value.


Related levy funds

This project is a strategic levy investment in the Hort Innovation Citrus Fund