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Ongoing project

Biosecurity and sustainability in the banana industry (BA23000)

Key research provider: Australian Banana Growers’ Council

What is it all about?

This project supports the role and activities of the Industry Strategic Manager (ISM) Michelle McKinlay within the Australian Banana Growers’ Council. The ISM works with growers to develop, implement and respond to industry-related strategies and policies, and provides support for the adoption of new practices to align with these strategies.

The ISM will seek to ensure that:

  1. The banana industry is well regarded, respected and recognised for its attitude and positive actions in relation to biosecurity and sustainability. 
  2. Policies and programs are appropriate to industry needs and issues and enable growers to respond effectively to biosecurity and sustainability challenges.
  3. Banana-related strategic biosecurity and sustainability projects are aligned to leverage greater benefits for banana growers and funding bodies. 
  4. Project teams undertaking banana related projects are enabled to support growers to make better decisions and take positive action in relation to biosecurity and sustainability.

The aim is to optimise the opportunity for growers to adopt practices that will help improve their profitability and productivity. The ISM will also provide a voice for growers by being a reliable and trusted source of information about the industry which will deliver better decisions and inform government policy.

The ISM will operate using a ‘hub and spoke model’ – where the ISM is the central role of the ‘hub’ that links other industry-relevant biosecurity and sustainability projects and agencies to leverage better outcomes and outputs for growers. These other specialised projects are the ‘spokes’.

Industry-related information is shared across this model – through the hub to the spokes - through networking, relationships and collaboration. This connectedness also allows for horizon issues to be identified and monitored incorporating advice and perspectives from multiple stakeholders.

This investment will place the banana industry in a confident position to deal with current and emerging issues while remaining productive and profitable.

Related levy funds

This project is a strategic levy investment in the Hort Innovation Banana Fund