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Completed project

Banana consumer insights research (BA19001)

Key research provider: Edentify
Publication date: Thursday, April 30, 2020

What was it all about?

This short investment spanning from 2019 to 2020 undertook research into consumer perceptions and attitudes towards bananas. The research involved identifying triggers and barriers to purchase, advertising effectiveness and quality and taste expectations of bananas.

Some key findings from this project were:

  • The intention to purchase bananas remains extremely high, especially amongst families with children.
  • Due the impacts of COVID-19, the 2020period has seen a decrease in shopping trips but an increase in how many bananas are purchased per trip.
  • Consumer perceptions of bananas are largely positive, frequently being associated with the phrases – ‘good nutritional value’, ‘good taste’, ‘happy’ and ‘high energy’.
  • Banana advertising remains effective with 65 per cent of viewers likely to take some form of action after seeing the ads.
  • Ad recall remains strongest among two key audiences, families with kids and 25 to 39-year olds.
  • Over two-thirds of shoppers are satisfied with the quality of bananas available in store.

These project findings will be used to inform future Hort Innovation Banana Fund marketing activities and will be available as insights for the banana industry at large.


Access the full banana consumer insights report, which details all the findings from this project.


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Funding statement:

This project was funded through the Hort Innovation Banana Fund using the banana R&D levy and contributions from the Australian Government.


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