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Banana industry support for Nuffield Australia Farming Scholarship (BA11003)

Key research provider: Nuffield Australia
Publication date: Tuesday, October 14, 2014

What was it all about?

Banana producer Paul Inderbitzin from Lakeland in Queensland, received the 2013 Nuffield Scholarship to allow him to research banana biosecurity, fruit quality and waste management. This project supported him in his study.

The 16-week Nuffield Scholarship program provides an opportunity for producers to travel overseas to increase production knowledge, personal skills and management skills.

Paul is employed in the family farming enterprise as manager of 220 hectares of irrigated cropping/seed production and 40 hectares of bananas. He sees great potential in the industry but appreciates the challenge of consistently producing the high-quality bananas desired by consumers.

Paul attended the Contemporary Scholars Conference in Canada, a week-long program for newly selected scholars designed to provide them with a wider view of agriculture and its pivotal role in society. Scholars consider international trade and policy issues affecting agriculture, and those that determine its future.

He also participated in the Global Focus Program in March-April 2013, travelling for six weeks to New Zealand, Asia, the Americas and Europe to learn about agricultural marketing and trade issues, environmental issues and to learn about the differences between the regions.

After that, Paul completed his individual study, visiting Malaysia, Taiwan, the United Kingdom, Martinique, Costa Rica and Columbia.

Paul reported the findings of his study verbally in September 2014 at the Nuffield Australia National Conference.


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Funding statement:
This project has been funded by Hort Innovation

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