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Ongoing project

International avocados evaluation mission (AV22018)

Key research provider: Avocados Australia

What is it all about?

This project gathers reliable qualitative data about key export markets and target customers for the avocado industry, including importers and retail buyers. These insights will help to enhance the performance of the Australian avocado industry in export markets and establish a strong position.

The research aims to gather qualitative data for key export markets: Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Japan, which collectively account for 90 per cent of the total export volume for Australian avocados. 

The research will help the Australian avocado industry to:

  • Improve customer satisfaction.
  • Maximise advertising spending.
  • Gain a competitive edge in customer service, pricing, quality, and other factors.
  • Identify any problems or challenges that may arise.
  • Identify any training needs that may be required.
Related levy funds

This project is a strategic levy investment in the Hort Innovation Avocado Fund