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Ongoing project

Avocado industry and market data capture and analysis (AV20000)

Key research provider: Avocados Australia

What’s it all about?

This investment is delivering high quality industry data to the avocado supply chain, to support businesses in their decision making. Key activities this project is responsible for include…

  • Maintenance of Infocado, the industry’s system for monitoring volumes of avocados dispatched and forecast to be supplied, with weekly and quarterly reporting

  • Maintenance of OrchardInfo, which is used to monitor industry productive capacity and inform medium-long term production outlooks, with reports distributed to contributors

  • Other relevant local data collection, analysis and reporting for the industry, including to identify and understand trends, supply, demand and price relationships – publications include the yearly ‘Facts at a glance’ fact sheet

  • Global trade data analysis.

During the last six months, the project team have completed the following:

With Avocados Australia’s annual OrchardInfo Tree Census currently underway, the avocado industry data capture and analysis (AV20000) project team is on track to successfully fulfill the criteria for the six-month period. Comprehensive avocado industry reporting continues to be distributed to schedule, and with high levels of industry participation.

The focus for these six months has been:

  • Developing the Avocados Australia-funded AvoData mobile application. The app is in the final review stage and as soon as the final version has been approved, it will be launched on both Apple’s and Google’s app stores. The project team will then begin promoting the app with packhouses through various communication channels.

  • Releasing the annual statistics publication ‘Facts at a Glance’.

  • Launching the Annual OrchardInfo Tree Census and productivity Survey. The census was successfully launched in September and is on track to be completed after the submission of this milestone report. The Report will be made available to contributing growers in mid-December at the latest.

  • Promoting the new data system with non-participating packhouses: after a successful couple of visits to North Queensland that significantly increased contribution numbers in the region, next in line to be approached was the Tristate region, which the project team visited in July 2022 and incorporated several former non-participating packers.

The project team simultaneously maintained our regular ongoing data collection, analysis, and reporting of industry data.

Comprehensive avocado industry reporting continues to be distributed with high levels of industry participation.

Several new packhouses in North Queensland have been brought onboard to participate in weekly online data collection. The weekly reporting coverage in the region has significantly increased because of these visits. Plans for upcoming visits to other regions are already in place.

Significant increases in grower participation of the annual orchard census were recorded after substantial effort was put towards maximizing grower participation this data collection.

Maintenance of regular ongoing data collection, analysis, and reporting of industry data continues.

The collation of data-driven information to inform industry planning and needs has begun with:

  • Global trade data analysis framework reviewed and updated.
  • Weekly and Quarterly Infocado reports completed. Both Weekly and Quarterly Infocado reports can be accessed on the Avocados Australia website.
  • Orchard Info Annual Tree Census report and productivity report completed and reported to industry.
  • Avocados Australia’s 2021 Facts at a Glance statistics report was completed and published on the Avocados Australia website.
  • Communication to industry via Talking Avocados the quarterly avocado industry magazine. You can access all editions here.

Weekly and quarterly Infocado Reports (including Weekly Retail Price Reports) have been completed and disseminated to industry in line with project and industry requirements.

The Annual OrchardInfo Report has been collated and distributed to all contributing growers directly via email in late 2020. You can stay up to date on the OrchardInfo page on the Avocados Australia website.

The statistics snapshot Facts at a Glance 2019-20 report was published in October 2020 on the Avocados Australia website.

Global trade reports have been developed to provide insight into volumes of foreign avocados entering the Australian market and the potential of overseas markets. The latest edition of the Import and Export Market Report can be found in the Export Development page on the Avocados Australia website.

Articles detailing results from Facts at a Glance, OrchardInfo and Quarterly reports, have been made available publicly through the Avocado Industry Communications program (AV18003).

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