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Ongoing project

Avocado industry and market data capture and analysis (AV20000)

Key research provider: Avocados Australia

What’s it all about?

This investment is delivering high quality industry data to the avocado supply chain, to support businesses in their decision making. Key activities this project is responsible for include…

  • Maintenance of Infocado, the industry’s system for monitoring volumes of avocados dispatched and forecast to be supplied, with weekly and quarterly reporting

  • Maintenance of OrchardInfo, which is used to monitor industry productive capacity and inform medium-long term production outlooks, with reports distributed to contributors

  • Other relevant local data collection, analysis and reporting for the industry, including to identify and understand trends, supply, demand and price relationships – publications include the yearly ‘Facts at a glance’ fact sheet

  • Global trade data analysis.
Related levy funds

This program is a strategic levy investment in the Hort Innovation Avocado Fund