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Completed project

Improved fruit robustness and quality in avocado supply chains (mineral nutrition) (AV19004)

Key research provider: The Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries
Publication date: Thursday, July 1, 2021

What was it all about?

This short project ran during 2020 to examine pre-harvest mineral nutrition and the effect this has on post-harvest fruit, to provide avocado growers with proven methods to ensure a consistent supply of quality fruit reaches consumers.

The project generated evidence-based recommendations for enhancing avocado fruit robustness at harvest and this information will assist avocado growers in improving their postharvest fruit quality.

The research team conducted a desktop study of more than 180 scientific and technical articles to combine current knowledge on pre-harvest mineral nutrition and management strategies that could improve avocado post-harvest storage and handling outcomes in an Australian production environment.


Read the full report ‘A review of pre-harvest mineral nutrition effects on avocado postharvest quality in Australia.’ This review includes key recommendations for pre-harvest management strategies.

Read the technical summary.

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Funding statement:
This project is a strategic levy investment in the Hort Innovation Avocado Fund

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