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Ongoing project

Implementing best practice of avocado fruit management and handling practices from farm to ripening (AV18000)

Key research provider: The Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries

What’s it all about?

This project will help the avocado industry achieve further improvements in fruit quality, by facilitating the adoption of better practices – from what happens on the farm through to dispatch from the ripener.

The project team are looking at the current level of quality-related best practice adoption in the industry and where improvements can be made, with a focus on those practices that are known to impact on fruit quality, as revealed by previous levy-funded R&D.

These insights are then being used to deliver knowledge and technical support to growers, packhouse operators, transporters and ripeners. This is occurring through workshops and training activities, as well as the development of two supply chain case studies. Here, the project team will be working with two chains to monitor current performance, implement improvements, and measure the benefits.

Look out for opportunities to learn and get involved in industry channels.

To date in 2020, the project team have been focussed on the three factors most likely to impact post-harvest avocado quality, based on data collected in 2019. These include the level of field inoculation with anthracnose, the shed departure temperature, and time in the supply chain.

Despite temporary disruption due to Covid-19, project monitoring recommenced in June, tracking consignments from central Queensland. Results to date indicate good fruit quality emerging from quick central Queensland supply chains.

A crucial part of the project is engaging supply chains to identify areas for improvement so that consistent quality fruit is delivered to consumers. The team conducted regular discussions with supply chain partners during monitoring, and plans are underway for workshops late in 2020 to discuss findings.

The team have developed training and information resources to support adoption of supply chain best practice change. This includes a collection of articles, factsheets and videos, and a review of the Avocados Australia - Best Practice Resource content available online.


Available on the Avocados Australia website, the Avocado Australia - Best Practice Resource is a collection of articles, factsheets and videos sharing best practice guidelines aimed at improving the quality of avocados provided to consumers.

Several videos are available, providing an update on the findings and project progress:

Read more about the project outcomes here:

The project team has completed the remaining supply chain audits to complete 40 investigations in five regions. De-identified benchmark data was collected regarding management practices, temperature management and fruit quality.  

The findings from the audits were discussed with growers and industry members at five benchmarking workshops, with valuable input provided by attendees. The focus on delivery of improved and more consistent fruit quality prompted positive feedback and helpful ideas for how to improve data collection in the future.

Several potential case studies were identified to support future communications to industry, which be used in conjunction with year two data when it is available.

Activities are underway for this project with the research team successfully engaging several district packhouses to begin their examination of supply chain practices and how they impact avocado quality.

You can read an article on this project, ‘Driving practice improvements in domestic avocado supply chains’ which was featured in the industry magazine Talking Avocados.

Related levy funds

This project is a strategic levy investment in the Hort Innovation Avocado Fund