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Completed project

Avocado industry and market data capture and analysis (AV16006)

Key research provider: Avocados Australia Ltd
Publication date: Thursday, February 4, 2021

What was it all about?

Spanning from 2017 to 2020, this project gathered robust industry data to support both short- and long-term industry planning and to provide a foundation for effective supply chain management for the avocado industry.

Key project outputs included:

  • Infocado reports which measured the volumes of avocados dispatched and forecast to be supplied. These reports can be accessed on the Australian Avocados website, with weekly and quarterly reports available.
  • Weekly Retail Price Reports which were produced and delivered for the duration of the project. To read more and access these reports, visit the retail pricing section on the Australian Avocados website.
  • The delivery of annual OrchardInfo reports which monitor industry capacity and inform medium-long term production outlooks.
  • The 2019/20 Annual Statistics Snapshot ‘Facts-at-a-Glance’ report which provided the public and industry with the latest statistics relating to the Australian avocado industry.
  • Global trade data analysis information.


Related levy funds

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Funding statement:
This project was funded through the Hort Innovation Avocado Fund using the avocado R&D levy and contributions from the Australian Government.

Copyright © Horticulture Innovation Australia Limited 2021. The Final Research Report (in part or as a whole) cannot be reproduced, published, communicated or adapted without the prior written consent of Hort Innovation, except as may be permitted under the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth).