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Completed project

National avocado industry communications program (AV15002)

Key research provider: Avocados Australia
Publication date: Thursday, December 13, 2018

What was it all about?

Strong communication initiatives are essential to ensure the Australian avocado industry remains up-to-date with the latest R&D, emerging information, trends and issues both in Australia and overseas. By providing a consistent flow of relevant information, this project ensured growers and other industry stakeholders were in a position to make informed business decisions and best-practices changes, and to support industry competitiveness.

A number of communication channels were produced and maintained by this project, including but not limited to:

  • The industry’s quarterly Talking Avocados magazine, which was distributed in hard copy and uploaded to the Avocados Australia website, with editions available here

  • Fortnightly e-newsletter Guacamole, with editions available here

  • The Avocados Australia website, including maintenance of and addition of new modules to the industry’s Best Practice Resource (BPR), the online portal that includes training programs and other industry management content

  • Grower Update/industry notice e-alerts, as needed

  • Industry social media channels

  • Media relations, where required.

Levy-funded industry communications were sent to all known Australian avocado growers. If you are a commercial avocado grower and do not currently receive Talking Avocados or would like to sign up for other communications, contact Avocados Australia. To request access to the BPR, visit