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Completed project

Australian avocado export development plan 2014-2019 (AV12025)

Key research provider: Oliver and Doam
Publication date: Tuesday, April 29, 2014

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What was it all about?

Although growth in domestic consumption of avocados in Australia is robust, overseas avocado exports are growing, with increased demand for fruit. Strengthening export will spread industry risks, provide better market growth options, improve production standards and systems, and build industry capability.

This study, completed in March 2014, modelled scenarios to predict growth patterns for avocado consumption, production and imports over the next five years.

Investigators developed a plan to strengthen the export business and made the following recommendations for the avocado industry. “The industry should…

  • Maintain annual export volumes of at least five per cent of production, the current level, for the next five years
  • Continue being the largest supplier of imported avocados in Singapore and Malaysia in the next five years
  • Increase trade with Hong Kong and at least one new market
  • Regain commercially viable access into Thailand by 2016 and regain trade with Thailand of at least 529 tonnes by 2018-19
  • Gain access into China within the next six to ten years.”

To achieve these objectives, the team recommended three streams of future work, in the areas of industry capability, branding and market access positioning, and trade development promotions.

The final report sets out priority markets and strategies with corresponding action points, desired outputs and industry outcomes.

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Funding statement:
This project has been funded by Hort Innovation

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