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Completed project

Orchard Action – co-production of knowledge to Victoria pome fruit orchards (AP13027)

Key research provider: Fruit Growers Victoria
Publication date: Wednesday, November 8, 2017

What was it all about?

The Orchard Action Project commenced in June 2014 and ran for three years, providing quality information to Victorian apple and pear growers about the latest technologies in pome fruit production. Fruit Growers Victoria represents deciduous fruit growers in the north-east, central and southern regions of Victoria, and encompasses 40 per cent of Australia's apples, 30 per cent of Australia's stone fruit industries and 90 per cent of Australia's pears.

As part of the project, activities to assist Victorian growers with the implementation of efficient transformational changes in their orchards were held. Activities included:

  • The appointment of industry development officers
  • One-on-one grower visits to discuss specific issues
  • Publication of technical articles
  • Facilitation of the Goulburn Valley Emerging Leaders Group
  • Grower meetings, including season reviews
  • Networking opportunities
  • Development of a section on Orchard Action on the Fruit Growers Victoria website.

The final report for the project shows that:

  • The number of growers visited and technical articles written exceeded targets for the program
  • More growers attended seasonal reviews to find out about new technologies 

  • Production practices in the region were improved 

  • The Goulburn Valley Young Grower Group was reinvigorated over the course of the project, beginning with a name change to the more encompassing Goulburn Valley Emerging Leaders group. The group has been active in information sharing, technology advancements and leadership development, and was meeting regularly at the time of reporting.
  • Many web pages were made to articles on the Fruit Growers Victoria website.
  • Industry development officers took part in many structured workshops on relevant topics including:
  • Queensland fruit fly taskforce
  • Pear mapping for export
  • Maximum residue limit breaches
  • Master classes on horticultural production
  • Review of chemical registration
  • Market access to China
  • Integrated pest and disease management
  • Export training
  • Victorian Work Safe.


Visit the Fruit Growers Victoria website at  

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Funding statement:
This project has been funded by Hort Innovation

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