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Ongoing project

Fresh and Secure Trade Alliance (FASTA) (AM22000)

What is it all about?

The Fresh and Secure Trade Alliance (FASTA) sees key Aussie export stakeholders and authorities joining forces to help protect and grow Australia’s horticultural exports. 

As part of the program, FASTA will also bring a host of biosecurity initiatives that will solidify Australia’s strong pest-management reputation for years to come. 

Insect pests are a major challenge for Australia’s horticultural producers as they impact production and domestic and international trade. Before new trade can commence, trading partners require evidence that Australia’s horticulture exports are insect pest free. 

The program is focused on two areas: 

  • Delivering robust and timely datasets to underpin market access negotiations: State and Territory governments will work together to standardise their approach to collecting phytosanitary, or pest and disease management, data.  This data demonstrates that Australia’s produce is pest-free while also ensuring the impact of phytosanitary treatments on fruit quality will be minimised. These datasets will be used to open new export markets for Australian produce, and improve conditions to existing ones.

  • Increasing understanding about fruit fly and other key pests: A multi-discipline, multi-organisational research team of over 70 scientists from across Australia will be assembled to test new technologies for tracking pests, trapping pests and reducing pest pressure. Through the eight-year program, this will increase Australia’s research capabilities in pest management research and facilitate world-class research. 

The Fresh and Secure Trade Alliance is a partnership between Hort Innovation, the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries Queensland, the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (WA); the Queensland University of Technology, the Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action (VIC), the Western Sydney University, the Department of Tourism, Industry and Trade (NT), the Australian Blueberry Growers’ Association, James Cook University, the Department of Primary Industries and Regions (SA) and GreenSkin Avocados, with levy funding from the avocado and strawberry industries, and support from the Australian Government. 


FASTA Industry Advisory Committee Meeting communications