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Historical document

Plant protection_ Regulatory support and co-ordination (AH09003)

Key research provider: AKC Consulting Pty Ltd
Publication date: May, 2014

This is a final research report from Hort Innovation’s historical archives. Please note that as these reports may date back as far as the 1990s, the content and recommendations within them may be superseded by more recent research.

What was it all about?

Global competitiveness and long-term viability were identified as horticulture industry priorities. From a crop protection perspective to achieve these outcomes horticultural industries needed to not only have access to a broader suite of effective tools but also information on their application to ensure their use did not adversely affect compliance with specific market requirements. From that perspective Project AH09003 had sought to focus on three broad areas; a) Plant protection product access, b) Compliance with international and domestic standards and c) Regulatory engagement.

Dealing with regulation was an ongoing issue for Australian horticulture. From a farm chemicals perspective the outcomes of chemical reviews, increasing data requirements, manufacturer lack of interest, resistance and ensuring compliance in export markets all serve make the task of gaining and or maintaining access to suitable pest management options increasingly problematic. In order to more efficiently deal with the variety of demands posed by these challenges industries needed to become more proactive in identifying emerging issues and seeking to develop appropriate responses.

To help industries deal with the many farm chemical related issues Hort Innovation (which was the Horticulture Australia Limited), in partnership with industry funded Kevin Bodnaruk of AKC Consulting Pty Ltd, to act as a co-ordinator to ensure that a) issues with the potential to impact on chemical access were brought to the attention of horticultural industries, b) that they were given adequate information and c) provided with an opportunity to consider and respond accordingly.


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Funding statement:
This project was funded by Hort Innovation (then Horticulture Australia Limited).

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