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A Statement of Commitment between Hort Innovation and Australian Banana Growers' Council

Publication date: 12 June 2019

Hort Innovation (as horticulture’s Rural Research & Development Corporation) and Australian Banana Growers' Council (as the peak industry body for bananas) have distinct but collaborative roles to play when it comes to supporting the Australian banana industry. To ensure that together we deliver the very best outcomes for industry, it’s important that this working relationship is strong, cooperative and clear.

To support this collaboration, communication and clarity, a Statement of Commitment to Mutual Purpose and Respect document has been developed and signed between the two bodies, allowing Hort Innovation and Australian Banana Growers' Council to mutually define, acknowledge and cement our working relationship.

The Statement of Commitment was signed in June 2019, and outlines our agreed roles, responsibilities, mutual objectives and engagement expectations. A copy of this document can be downloaded here.

While this signed Statement isn’t a legally binding document, it’s designed to frame the activities and behaviours of each party in establishing and maintaining a positive and cooperative working relationship, and provides a clear reference point for all representatives in dealing with each other for the betterment of industry. 

Statement of Commitment
Australian Banana Growers' Council