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Reset and Refresh: Roles, responsibilities and the advice mechanism

Publication date: 10 October 2022

We are undertaking a significant initiative to improve the way we obtain advice from industry, as well as defining the roles and responsibilities of Hort Innovation, the horticulture sector’s commodity Peak Industry Bodies and the Government. 

As part of the ongoing Reset and Refresh process, we have invited commodity Peak Industry Bodies (PIBs) to consider new or alternate advice mechanisms. This is an unprecedented opportunity for each PIB to propose an approach suitable to their circumstances. We have started discussions with most PIBs on their refreshed advice mechanism.  

Hort Innovation hosted online workshops to help with advice mechanism development on 4 and 5 October 2022 and invited all PIB stakeholders. This provided the opportunity for PIBs to learn more about what other industries are proposing for their model, how these would operate in line with agreed principles and provided a source of guidance to help others finalise their future model.  

Of the 87 attendees, 55 of these were PIB stakeholders. Five leaders from industries with a model in final stages of negotiation presented their options. These were:   

  • Vegetable - Michael Coote (CEO AUSVEG)    
  • Macadamia - Clare Hamilton-Bate (CEO - Australian Macadamia Society)   
  • Pistachio - Trevor Ranford (EO - Pistachio Growers Association)   
  • Almonds - Tim Jackson (CEO - Almond Board of Australia)   
  • Sweetpotato - Peter Long (EO Australian Sweetpotato Growers Inc)    

We extend a massive thank you to the above-mentioned Industry leaders for sharing at these workshops.  

The next step is for Hort Innovation to consider the information gathered through the workshops with attendees and formally agree on and implement the first tranche of refreshed advice mechanisms.   

A full workshop summary inclusive of presentations will be available on the Hort Innovation website under the Reset and Refresh tab here. 

If you have questions about the Reset and Refresh process, email