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Four plant trends to embrace in 2022

Publication date: 10 October 2022

The Hort Innovation Nursery Fund marketing campaign Greener Spaces Better Places recently released the 2022 Plant & Gardening Trend Report, the only annual consumer trend report from the Australian nursery and garden sector. 

The Nursery Strategic Investment Plan 2022-2026 identifies the need to increase domestic consumer demand for quality Australian greenlife products through improving knowledge, attitudes and purchase intent. Through 2022 Plant & Gardening Trend Report, consumers are educated about the value of greenlife and inspired to increase their own consumption of nursery products. 

Developed through a survey of more than 1600 Australians and in consultation with nursery industry experts, thought-leaders and academics across the country, the report details four key trends set to grow over the next year. Expert tips on how to bring those trends to life and the top performing plants to be purchased in each state also feature. 

The top four forecasted trends are: 

  1. Wet and wild: Gardening to embrace the wet and promote biodiversity through wildflowers, micro wetlands and water features. 

  2. Resilient roots: Beating inflation with a low maintenance grow-your-own approach that considers water, soil, resilience, and focuses on growing and eating what’s local to Country. 

  3. 3D greening: Planting below, beside and overhead to cool our homes and neighbourhoods, while increasing property value. 

  4. Green in and zone out: Drawing on the proven mental health benefits of plants, such as improved mood and concentration, Aussies will look to nature and the sensory experiences offered in our own gardens as a salve for eco-anxiety. 

For more information, and to see the report, go to the Greener Spaces Better Places website. To find out more about the nursery marketing campaign, get in touch with