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Your investments

Ongoing and completed work

Your industry levy has been invested into the below Hort Innovation Summerfruit Fund initiatives, together with Australian Government contributions in the case of R&D.

For each ongoing R&D investment you can click through to see a general project overview, plus any specific progress updates and related resources that are available.

For completed R&D investments, you’ll find a recap of the whole work and can access any available resources or final research reports produced by the project team.

At the bottom of the page, you’ll also find updates on levy-funded marketing activity.

Completed projects
Most recent
Ongoing project
Xylella insect vectors (ST19018)
Minor use permit
Minor use permits for the summerfruit industry
Final Research Report
Selecting and releasing to industry high quality fresh and dried Australian apricots for export and domestic markets (MT12015)
Historical document
Managing fruit maturity and harvest dates in canning peaches (CF13000)
Historical document
Continued facilitation of the development of the Tasmanian apple, pear, cherry and stone fruit industries (MT09047)
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