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Growers Trade Hub

Trade information for horticultural exporters

These resources are intended to help growers and others in the horticulture industry stay up to date with and have access to relevant information and support on international trade matters.

Where possible, links are provided to Government bodies – Austrade, Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF), Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) and State Departments – to offer further and more specific information.

We'll be updating this page with further advice and links as they become available.


Information on export assistance and funding for all states and territories is available on the Austrade website. If you are considering taking your business global, there are many resources available to help or to offer funding opportunities.

The Export Supply Chain Service (ESCS) is an initiative by the Australian Government. ESCS coordinates to help stakeholders navigate supply chain issues while connectivity to international markets remains volatile and capacity diminished and expensive.

 ESCS coordinates insights for:

  1. Small-to-medium enterprise agribusiness, food, and beverage exporters
  2. Government partners
  3. Other supply chain and logistics stakeholders.

Learn more about the Export Supply Chain Service here.

Austrade are also running a number of events to foster collaboration and keep stakeholders up to date on happenings in the trade space. Some presentations from past events are detailed below:

Simplified Trade System

Austrade have launched a new cross-border trade system for Australia, the Simplified Trade System (STS) – found at:

Ongoing engagement is welcomed in shaping the STS reform agenda, including through Austrade's STS webpage and consultation paper.

The STS consultation paper, which seeks your views on what is working well and what improvements could be made to Australia’s cross-border trade system, is available on the STS webpage. Written submissions to the paper are due by 14 January 2022.

To access the Town Hall session recording, click here. The recording is also available on the STS webpage.

Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry

A range of information and funding opportunities are available on the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry website – access the webpage here, or navigate to the agriculture specific page.

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

International trade and market access is critical to the Australian horticulture industry. A trade and investment page is available on the DFAT website with information on export, countries and regions, trade agreements and more.

Export Council of Australia

The Export Council of Australia is the Peak Membership Body for companies involved in International Business. A range of resources including events, courses and workshops and key information on international trade news is available on their website.

The Export Council in collaboration with Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and Austrade are also running Global Market Insights Seminars – a six part series. The seminars will bring together experts to provide clarity on the current trading landscape and foresights for international markets.

State resources

State specific information and resources are detailed below:

New South Wales

  • Global NSW is a government-wide initiative to build the prosperity and international status of NSW through supporting the State's innovation, trade, investment and industry development.
  • Visit the NSW Department of Primary Industries website to get more information on the horticulture industry within the trade sector.


  • Global Victoria is the State Government of Victoria's trade facilitation gateway to global economies and communities. Visit VIC Global for a range or resources including videos, content, events and information.
  • Visit the Crops and horticulture page on the Agriculture Victoria website for more information on export opportunities and information about the trade markets.


  • Trade and Investment Queensland (TIQ) is the dedicated global business agency with a range of information on trade and export relationships and investment initiatives.
  • The Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries website is available here for information relating to agriculture and any relevant industry updates.
  • A trade and export page for agriculture is also available on the QLD Government with useful information on exporting, including customs and quarantine requirements.

South Australia

Western Australia

Northern Territory