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Matt Brand

Matt joined Hort Innovation as CEO in September 2018. He is driven by his passion to achieve the very best for Australia’s horticulture growers and the sector as a whole.

Prior to joining Hort Innovation, Matt was CEO of NSW Farmers – Australia’s largest sate farmer organisation. He held this position for nearly eight years, before which he was General Manager of Strategy and Marketing and Head of Corporate Partnerships, Marketing and Licensing at Australian Rugby Union.

Matt has also held numerous senior marketing and commercial roles in the alcohol and soft beverage industries. He’s been involved in the dairy industry too, being an owner of a cattle stud as well as boutique cheese business. He is also a part owner of an extreme sports clothing brand.

Matt has a Bachelor of Applied Science (Systems) Agriculture from Hawkesbury Agricultural College and a Masters in Business (Marketing) from Monash University.

In his spare time, Matt enjoys spending time with his family chasing waves along Sydney’s beaches.

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