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Dr Alison Anderson

Dr Alison Anderson is Hort Innovation’s General Manager of Research & Development. She joined the company (then Horticulture Australia Limited) in 2012 as the R&D Manager for Industry Development, going on to become Data & Insights Lead and later Fund Manager across three key portfolios.

Alison’s Research & Development team is responsible for enabling world-class R&D projects and programs. She is passionate about delivering investments to help grow and future-proof the Australian horticulture sector.

Alison is backed by more than 20 years of experience working across agriculture and horticulture. Before joining Hort Innovation, she worked as an industry consultant in the fields of soil management, research, policy and the environment. She also held roles at NSW Farmers’ Association including Vegetable Industry Development Officer and Policy Manager for Horticulture, Agricultural Chemicals and Bees, and was a member of the NSW Primary Industries Ministerial Advisory Council.

Alison holds a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture and a PhD in Soil Science from The University of Sydney.

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