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Hort InnovationThe company Organisational structure

Organisational structure

Purposefully designed for Australia's horticulture RDC

Hort Innovation’s organisational structure was developed with help from organisational design experts. Based on understanding the capabilities needed in the organisation, multiple structures were developed, tested and reviewed with further consultation.

Hort Innovation's organisational structure at a glance


Stakeholder Engagement

The Stakeholder Engagement function provides accountability in the structure that the organisation is managing its stakeholder expectations. This includes facilitating and translating needs to support the delivery of our investments. The Stakeholder Engagement function includes the new focus on managing a larger membership base and an increased focus on consultation, communication, advisory processes and other events.

Research, Marketing & Investments

The Research, Marketing & Investments function focuses on our core activity of investing funds in quality and value-for-money research and marketing. The function includes an increased focus on investment returns through the newly developed Fund Management capability, greater focus on our data and increased focus on developing new sources of co-investment.

Trade & Export

The Trade & Export function is to effectively promote and further the interest of horticultural industries overseas including exports, sales, distribution and the consumption of Australian horticultural products, working with and aligning to key stakeholders’ needs such as growers and the Australian Government. Additionally, a merit-based transparent prioritisation process that recognises the export scope and readiness of individual industries provides advice to the Australian Government on horticulture’s priorities for international trade negotiations.

Finance & Procurement

The Finance & Procurement function provides accountability for the quality and expenditure of operating the business. The requirements of finance, risk and compliance, systems, recruitment and development of quality resources are carefully managed to optimise the operations of the company.

Human Resources

The Human Resources function equips us to achieve our vision by unlocking the full potential in our people. It enables us to create a people-focussed, relationship centred business that mobilises our diverse talent to achieve results for growers.

Governance & Risk

Services provided by the Governance & Risk team broadly encompass legal services, risk management, internal audit, compliance, company secretariat, government relations and general governance oversight.

Strategy & Technology

The IT team ensures that the company's technology enables modern ways of working and operating. A platforms-approach to IT systems helps to support the changing requirements and information needs of the business and helpdesk management enables our staff to be responsive and communicate effectively with stakeholders.