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Statements of Commitment

Supporting the distinct but complementary roles that Hort Innovation and industry representative bodies have to play when it comes to supporting Australia’s horticulture sector

Statements of Commitment with industry representative bodies

Hort Innovation and industry representative bodies (IRBs) have distinct but complementary roles to play when it comes to supporting Australia’s horticulture sector. To ensure that together we are at all times working effectively in the best interests of levy payers and industry, it’s important that these working relationships are strong, cooperative and clear.

To support this collaboration, communication and clarity, a Statement of Commitment to Mutual Purpose and Respectdocument has been developed, allowing Hort Innovation and IRBs that look after statutory or voluntary levy industries to mutually define, acknowledge and cement working relationships. This is an initiative that was recommended as part of Hort Innovation’s 2018 Independent Review of Performance, which supported the development of a ‘statement of intent’ between Hort Innovation and industry bodies to ‘codify’ the relationship. 

Each signed Statement of Commitment outlines the agreed roles, responsibilities, mutual objectives and engagement expectations between Hort Innovation and the industry body.

While a signed Statement isn’t a legally binding document, it’s designed to frame the activities and behaviours of each party in establishing and maintaining a positive and cooperative working relationship, and provides a clear reference point for all representatives in dealing with each other. 

Industries that have signed a Statement of Commitment

In early 2019, Hort Innovation began discussions with a number of industry bodies that look after statutory or voluntary levy industries to workshop the Statement of Commitment base document.

The Statement is now in its final form and, to date, Hort Innovation and the below IRBs have come together to sign a Statement of Commitment:

Almond Board of Australia
Signed May, 2019
Avocados Australia
Signed April, 2019
Australian Banana Growers' Council
Signed June, 2019
Australian Macadamia Society
Signed May, 2019
Australian Mango Industry Association
PDF,2196 KB

Signing a Statement of Commitment

Hort Innovation is continuing outreach to all IRBs to grow the number of industries that have committed along with Hort Innovation to a collaborative ongoing relationship.

Industry body teams are encouraged to view this draft copy of a Statement of Commitment to Mutual Purpose and Respect, noting that the ‘roles and responsibilities’ may be updated for each industry body, however all other parts of the document are intended to stay consistent for all industries.

Once you’ve had an opportunity to review this document, Hort Innovation General Manager Stakeholder Engagement Sally Holmes would be pleased to meet with you face-to-face or by telephone to discuss the Statement and the way forward for your organisation. To set up a time to chat, please contact Tracey Shain at or on 02 8295 2327.

Statement of Commitment of Mutual Purpose and Respect
Signed 21 October, 2019
Industry body forum outcomes
In October 2019, Hort Innovation and horticulture's peak industry bodies came together to connect, consult and collaborate. This paper provides an overview of the outcomes.