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Stakeholder sentiment survey

Growers have spoken and we are listening

Hort Innovation is committed to undertaking activities that involve consultation and feedback with stakeholders, most importantly, growers.

A part of one of the objectives in Hort Innovation’s Strategic Plan is to communicate and listen to stakeholders. This objective had a key performance indicator to implement a longitudinal study to measure the sentiment around Hort Innovation’s company performance and levels of satisfaction among growers.

The first of these surveys was finalised in 2018, creating a baseline of data representing grower stakeholder perception of Hort Innovation’s performance as investors in research, development and marketing (RD&M), communication and interaction with growers, and our information products and services.

The survey revealed a high level of confidence in the future of the sector and also gave Hort Innovation some lead indications of where energy is needed to help increase satisfaction of growers.

Hort Innovation will continue to embed a culture of continuous improvement within the organisation, and has already made progress on some aspects of feedback. This includes deploying effort improving the consistency and quality of the SIAP engagement process and working more closely with industry communication programs and IRBs directly to ensure updates on levy investments are reaching grower audiences.

While there is still more to do, Hort Innovation looks forward to continuing to work with industry to meet expectations and improve on the baseline of sentiment that was gathered in 2017/18.

Read the survey results
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