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Growers sentiment survey

Growers have spoken and we are listening

Hort Innovation is committed to a culture of continuous improvement within our organisation, especially when it comes to delivering value for growers.

Part of this commitment is listening to grower feedback on our performance. This includes grower perceptions of Hort Innovation as investors in research, development and marketing (RD&M), communication and interaction with growers, and our information products and services.

Hort Innovation first undertook this survey in 2017 and again in March 2021. You can see both sets of results in the reports below.

The results provide Hort Innovation with valuable feedback that leads to new approaches and improvements. Examples include:

  • Increased consultation and strategic focus for short and long term investments through refreshed Strategic Investment Plans (SIPs) and Annual Investment Plans (AIPs)
  • Greater collaboration with industry through grower forums, workshops and advisory panels
  • New internal processes and systems that increase speed and transparency in contracting investments.

In an ever-changing world, there will always be more to do. Hort Innovation looks forward to continuing to hear from growers as part of our journey of improvement and meeting expectations.

That is why Hort Innovation will be looking to enhance the survey. We are going to improve its structure and ensure we get more valuable insights to help Hort Innovation do its role better. During the course of this year, we will be resetting the survey structure to reflect more regionality, cross-commodity and differences in growers so we capture more market intelligence to help Hort Innovation be even more effective. The key outcome of the survey refresh will be the establishment of a more definitive baseline to then be able to report against.

Read the 2021 survey results
PDF,1289 KB
Read the 2017 survey results
PDF,1402 KB