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Hort InnovationThe company Hort Innovation AGM 2020

About this year’s AGM

The Hort Innovation Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held on Friday, 27 November 2020. Due to the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, a decision has been made to hold the event virtually, with members able to take part via web link or, if required, by phone. Full details will be shared with members in the official 2020 Notice of Meeting, to be distributed in October.

At this year’s AGM, Hort Innovation members will use their voting entitlements to elect one or more Directors to the Board, and vote on other matters affecting the company.

Time is running out to secure your voting entitlements

Each year, Hort Innovation invests more than $120 million into R&D, extension, marketing and trade initiatives on behalf of Aussie growers and others involved in horticulture. And each year, levy-paying members have the opportunity to secure voting rights to have a say on the leadership of the company, and the rules that govern it.

All Hort Innovation members that pay a statutory or voluntary horticulture levy have the right to apply for voting entitlements for this year’s AGM, and for any other general meeting of members called between 1 October 2020 and 30 September 2021. This is done by submitting an Annual Levy Return form.

How to submit your Annual Levy Return

All Annual Levy Return forms must be received no later than Monday 14 September 2020. Late forms cannot be accepted.

Submitting online (recommended)

The quickest way to submit your form and ensure it meets the deadline is online, via

To do so you will need your Hort Innovation member number and unique member PIN. This information was provided to all members in August via a letter and email from Link Market Services, which is the independent provider managing the process on behalf of Hort Innovation.

If you cannot find your member number or PIN, please call Link on 1800 660 083 (free call within Australia).

Submitting by post

You can complete the hard copy Annual Levy Return form you received during August and return it using the reply paid envelope provided. However remember that the form must be received by Monday 14 September 2020.

Given current delays within the postal system relating to COVID-19, and with the Annual Levy Return deadline fast approaching, we recommend using an express post option or sticking with the online submission.

Questions about the Annual Levy Return process?

Please refer to our list of frequently asked questions and their answers here.

If you have further questions, you can contact Link Market Services on 1800 660 083 (free call within Australia).

All members who submit an Annual Levy Return form will be advised of their voting entitlements in October.