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Hort Innovation Our work Hort Frontiers strategic partnership initiative

Hort Frontiers strategic partnership initiative

Better equipping Australian horticulture for the future ahead

Innovation is key to the future success of Australian horticulture. The next evolution of future-focused, higher-risk and transformational R&D that has the potential to make a significant impact will be made possible through Hort Innovation’s Hort Frontiers strategic partnership initiative.

Hort Frontiers facilitates collaborative, cross-industry investments on longer-term and more complex themes identified as critical for Australian horticulture by 2030 and beyond. Hort Frontiers has delivered impactful investments to date but to meet changing needs of the industry, it is currently undergoing a significant and exciting refresh to increase its scope.

The refresh will be aligned with the four key investment themes identified by Hort Innovation’s Australian-grown Horticulture Sustainability Framework, below. New investment funds are being established to address identified needs, and the existing Hort Frontiers funds are being repositioned to sit under the four investment themes:

  • Nourish & Nurture
  • People & Enterprise
  • Planet & Resources
  • Less waste.

For information please contact Dr Anthony Kachenko by email.

You can find more information about Hort Frontiers here.


For potential co-investors, partnering with Hort Innovation provides access to world-class research, and the peace of mind of project management by a specialised team well-versed in managing large-scale R&D. Each Hort Frontiers fund is governed by a Co-Investment Strategic Intent (CSI) document that outlines key investment themes that must be met in order for proposals to be successful.