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Hort InnovationOur workExtension Regional Extension Strategies 2022-2026

Draft Regional Extension Strategies 2022-2026

Calling for feedback from horticulture industry participants

To ensure Hort Innovation extension activities support farm business and production decisions, Hort Innovation Regional Extension Managers have developed draft versions of Regional Extension Strategies 2022-2026 for each growing region in Australia and are asking for feedback from industry.

Each of the strategies identify regional challenges and opportunities, while outlining key initiatives of the region’s Regional Extension Manager to achieve the Extension Team’s imperatives of:

  • Building capability with industry and levy payers in managing Hort Innovation extension investments
  • Enhancing and supporting existing extension networks and activities with emphasis on across-industry collaboration
  • Amplifying the relevance and demand for investment outputs
  • Enabling investment delivery that results in end user practice change.

Horticulture industry participants are invited to provide feedback on each draft Regional Extension Strategy 2022-2026 by contacting their respective Regional Extension Manager by 18 March 2022.

More information on Hort Innovation's Extension initiative is available on the Hort Innovation website here. Growers and industry stakeholders are also invited to contact their respective Regional Extension Manager with any inquiries regarding Hort Innovation and regional opportunities.

View the draft Regional Extension Strategies 2022-2026 and provide your feedback

South-east region: View draft strategy
Send an email to Adrian Englefield at or call 0427 143 709

Southern region: View draft strategy
Send an email to Jason Hingston at or call 0429 793 496

Tri-state region: View draft strategy
Send an email to Dr Jay Cummins at or call 0429 602 227

Western region: View draft strategy
Send an email to Bronwyn Walsh at or call 0427 694 863