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Hort InnovationOur workExtension Australian horticulture growers engage with industry development

Australian horticulture growers engage with industry development

Hort Innovation is actively working with its delivery partners to achieve outcomes for growers from a portfolio of over 40 investments dedicated to industry development. In 2022, Hort Innovation will invest over $50,000,000 (life of projects) in Industry Development projects. Through these projects and associated communication projects, they reach over 7000 (total estimate) growers. 

The industry development projects particularly focus on close engagement with growers. Project activities typically include frequent interactive group events, farm walks, training, and one-on-one discussions, in contrast to one-way information flow activities in other projects. The increased level of interaction accelerates the adoption of improved practices that benefit businesses and the industry.

The increased level of interaction in these projects also provides opportunities for growers to communicate priorities within the industries to Hort Innovation These projects also provide a direct and coordinated link to the R&D investments that address industry priorities.

For example, a research project investigated and demonstrated the potential benefits of On-farm quality testing utilising near-infrared technology (MG17002). The project Building best management practice capacity for the Australian mango industry (MG17000) subsequently drove the adoption of in-field dry-matter assessment of fruit maturity using NIR technology by 71 per cent of the industry (by volume). Having recognised the value of the technology, businesses have begun investing in their own testing machines and Woolworths have now incorporated minimum dry matter standards into its specifications.

Photo: Avocado growers at an Avoskills course on pests and diseases

Many of the broader research investments by Hort Innovation also include extension activities that engage growers to provide practical feedback on trial design and results.

Delivery partners leading these projects include industry organisations, private companies, and government agencies.

To learn more about the industry-specific industry development projects, please see the links below: