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Growers smash expectations through avocado pop up

Publication date: 11 December 2017

THE FIRST-EVER industry-funded pop-up restaurant has proven a smash hit with almost 500kg of avocados sold at the month-long venue, located in the NSW hipster heartland of Surry Hills.

Adorned in avocado wallpaper, and kitted out with avocado-themed décor, The Good Fat featured 14 creative dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner including the signature dish, Avocornetto ice cream.

Social commentator Bernard Salt and ‘Head of Avocado Control’ Sach Trikha were ambassadors.

Timed to coincide with the Western Australia peak season, the initiative was delivered by Hort Innovation with input from growers.

With close to 2000 meals served over the four weeks, Kylie Collins – from Blushing Acres farm at Dimbulah, west of Cairns – said the pop-up venture far exceeded expectations.

“The Good Fat was fantastic. My husband, who spends 24-7 growing on the farm, got to go down and see it with me, and he was blown away. It was wonderful to get those accolades and be part of it all,” she said.

“It was also good to show consumers creative ways to eat and cook avocados, through the recipes on the back of the placemats which they could take with them.

“Ideally, we would love to see more pop up restaurants in Melbourne and Brisbane. Amsterdam and New York have one, why stop at Sydney?”

The venture piqued the interest of avocado fans from all over Australia, with one keen restaurant goer driving up from Tasmania to sample the fare. Another fan also got an avocado dress specially made for her eating experience. All profits made through the venture were also fed back into the marketing levy, which helped offset the cost.

Hort Innovation chief executive John Lloyd said The Good Fat, which was rolled out along with a retailer campaign, exemplified an increasing sophistication in grower-levy funded marketing campaigns.

“For years, we have seen success around produce promotional efforts such as the Make Your Body Sing Australian Bananas campaign,” he said.

“And we are also seeing great traction through initiatives such as the recent Aussie Apples Get Your Crunch On partnership with Netball Australia which recently received two Parents’ Voice Fame Awards for the positive promotion of healthy eating to kids.”

Mr Lloyd said in the avocados category, television advertising, digital efforts and engaging with influencers were key facets of the campaign over recent years and in-store sampling had also been part of the push.

He said following on from the momentum of The Good Fat restaurant, Hort Innovation recently issued a tender for a creative agency to deliver an innovative three-year marketing campaign that includes television advertising, a digital and social media strategy and an overall brand refresh.

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