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Ongoing project

Ex-post impact assessment (MT18011)

Key research provider: AgEconPlus

What’s it all about?

Hort Innovation has engaged independent consultants to evaluate the impact of our R&D investments, providing insights into the type and magnitude of impacts that are being generated across the company’s strategic levy programs. This is a key piece of investment evaluation work, and a yearly process for the company under the project Ex-post impact assessment (MT18011).

The first round of impact assessments took place in 2018/19, looking at projects that were completed in the 2017/18 financial year. There were 15 projects randomly selected, with the assessments revealing a range of economic, social and environmental impacts being generated for horticulture growers, supply chain participants, and the community at large. Where suitable data was available, the impacts were valued in monetary terms as well – this demonstrated that an average benefit-cost ratio of three to one was achieved across the samples projects, generating a total net present value of some $41.8 million over 30 years.

For an overview of the top-level results and to see how the assessments were made, see this excerpt from the Hort Innovation Annual Report 2018/19.

A range of detailed reports showing the impact assessments undertaken on specific projects from the first year of random sampling can be downloaded below. These are appendices to the full first-year report from the project team, which can be downloaded here.

In 2018/19, impact assessments specific to four of Hort Innovation’s levy funds were also undertaken, including for the apple and pear, avocado, mushroom and table grape industries. You can read more about this work on the project page for Ex-post impact assessment – industry specific (MT18009).