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The consumer market environment for horticulture growers during COVID-19

Publication date: 11 May 2020

What are the implications and opportunities of changing consumer behaviours and attitudes for Australian horticulture growers as we evolve through COVID-19?

From Hort Innovation's Brain Dates webinar series for growers

1pm, Thursday 28 May, 2020
30 minutes duration

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This live webinar will make sense of the current consumer market environment for horticulture growers. Using the latest behavioural and attitudinal data collected and funded by Hort Innovation, the session will explore how consumers are responding and adapting to the ‘new normal’ created by the COVID-19 pandemic. The session will identify and highlight the implications of the consumer market environment changes for growers, while exploring both the short and long-term opportunities that the situation presents.

What you’ll discover

  • Key consumer behavioral changes regarding the purchase of fresh produce at retail
  • Consumer sentiment and attitudes around their priorities for fresh produce and other lifestyle drivers
  • Understanding the difference between short-term impacts and the path to resuming to a ‘new normal’
  • Strategies and opportunities for you to act on at the business level to meet the needs of consumers and market conditions now and into the future.


  • Welcome and introductions to the guest presenters
  • Harvest to Home information and Q&A with Mel Norris on key insights and learnings
  • Understanding changing consumer trends and Q&A with Cori Hodge
  • Synthesising the insights and learnings into opportunities for growers to act on
  • Open Q&A
  • Summary and closing – where to find more information and ‘what’s next’

Meet the host and guest presenters

Adam Briggs, Head of Data & Insights, Hort Innovation

Adam drives Hort Innovation’s Data & Insights function. He leads the management of the industry analysis R&D portfolio and the undertaking of investment analysis, and supports the delivery of the Monitoring & Evaluation Framework.

Mel Norris, Associate Director, Nielsen

For more than a decade, Melanie Norris has used Nielsen consumer research to guide the FMCG and fresh industry on the latest consumer trends, and has uncovered real growth opportunities for countless clients. An expert in fusing multiple data sources to provide a holistic view, Mel has delivered her unique perspective to clients across the total fresh space including produce, meat, seafood and bakery. Mel is also passionate about seeing health and wellness trends translate into consumers increasing their fresh food consumption in Australia.

Cori Hodge, Director, Fiftyfive5

Cori is a Director at one of Australia’s leading brand and research consultancies, Fiftyfive5. His role is to help brands and organisations unlock growth through customer-led strategy. Cori has worked on a range of categories with Hort Innovation, including mushrooms, summerfruit, blackberries, raspberries, pears, and onions. Leveraging customer insight, he is a brand and positioning strategy expert and has a strong understanding of consumer trends and challenges.

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