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2020 Winter Future Orchard Walks

Event overview 

The 2020 winter Future Orchards walks continue to deliver a strong and engaging program to bring the latest technology and orchard management techniques to growers.

In keeping with current travel and social distancing guidelines, Future Orchards are heading online. The June 2020 orchard walks will be streamed to each region. While this style of orchard walk is different to the usual way, the online streaming does give us an opportunity to try out different delivery technologies while still sharing information and ideas. Please note that registration is essential.

  • Jonathan Brookes from AgFirst will explore current and future issues such as labour, trees, quality, climate and technology. 
  • Dr Nigel Swarts from TIA will provide a summary presentation on the learnings from PIPS II fertigation research project and launch the SINATA tool.

  • Your front line adviser Jessica Fearnley from NSW DPI will provide an update on the latest trial being run in the Orange and Bilpin region.

  • Ross Wilson will take you on a virtual tour of a New Zealand orchard, discussing and demonstrating the latest critical winter tasks particularly winter pruning.

Event organiser


Event details

All walks will run from 9.00am – 10.45am (your local time).

Northern Loop

  • Orange, NSW: Tuesday 9 June 2020 Register HERE

  • Stanthorpe, QLD: Wednesday 10 June 2020 Register HERE

  • Batlow, NSW: Thursday 11 June 2020 Register HERE

  • Goulburn Valley, VIC: Friday 12 June 2020 Register HERE 

Southern Loop

  • Western Australia: Monday 22 June 2020 Register HERE
  • South Australia: Tuesday 23 June 2020 Register HERE

  • Southern Victoria: Wednesday 24 June 2020 Register HERE

  • Tasmania: Thursday 25 June 2020 Register HERE 

Get more information from APAL website