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Investment analysis

See how Chestnut Fund investments are tracking against the industry’s Strategic Investment Plan


As seen on the Fund management page, investments specific to the Hort Innovation Chestnut Fund are guided by the chestnut Strategic Investment Plan (SIP). The SIP features priority outcome areas that have been identified and agreed upon by the industry, and Hort Innovation works to invest in R&D and marketing initiatives that are aligned to these.

In the below interactive chart, you can see the most up-to-date information on how project expenditure in the Chestnut Fund is aligned to the SIP outcomes. This reflects project investment across the life of the SIP to date.


How investment expenditure aligns to Strategic Investment Plan outcomes

Click or hover over the chart below to learn more about Chestnut Fund investment by SIP outcome

How specific projects align to Strategic Investment Plan outcomes

Click on the below panels to see which projects in the Chestnut Fund align to which SIP outcomes. Because some projects address more than one SIP outcome, they may be listed more than once.

Improved retail quality of chestnuts that matches consumer expectations

Ongoing and completed investments


Average industry yield increased by 10 per cent on mature plantings

Ongoing and completed investments

  • Generation of residue & efficacy data for pesticide minor use permit applications in chestnuts in 2016 (CH15002)
  • Chestnut industry minor use permit program (CH16001)
  • Minor use coordinator (MT17007)
  • Proposed AgVet collaborative forum plant industry investment (ST16008)
  • PBRI Symposium (ST18003)

Better informed industry and improved adoption of R&D outputs

Ongoing and completed investments

Increased domestic demand and increased on-farm prices

Ongoing and completed investments

The Hort Innovation Chestnut Fund contributed to marketing-related projects and activities in this Outcome. For information and updates on marketing visit the fund's grower pages.

Expenditure on projects classified as 'enabler' support the broader delivery of the industry’s project investments. Examples of enabler projects include annual reporting and monitoring and evaluation capacity.

More information

The Chestnut Fund has a dedicated Industry Strategic Partner, details below, who would be more than happy to answer your questions or discuss in more detail the information presented on this page, investments in the Chestnut Fund and how the investments align with the SIP.

Hort Innovation
Bradley Mills
Bradley Mills
Industry Strategic Partner
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Strategic Investment Plan

Read the Chestnut Fund SIP