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Papaya market supply data capture and analysis

Closing date: 28 May 2021

Request for Proposal

Hort Innovation is seeking a suitably qualified, experienced and capable delivery partner for the project: Papaya market supply data capture and analysis (PP20003).

The objectives of the services being sought are to:

  • Collate production volume data from papaya transporters
  • Enable oversight of weekly and seasonal product dispatch to support a more informed basis for grower decisions and responses to changing market conditions.

Although papaya is grown and supplied to markets year-round, growers/industry do not have visibility over the total market volumes that are being dispatched to market on a periodical basis throughout the year. Grower knowledge of dispatch volumes throughout the season may support consistent product flow; assist industry quantify the impact of a market shock/correction (for example, an extreme weather or product flush); and enable a more informed basis to market product. This may contribute to increased consistency and quality of papaya in the market. Data would also support industry understanding of impact of volume on a sustainable market supply. To date, industry have expressed difficulty in understanding market fluctuations throughout the season; access to dispatch data could support this understanding.

Hort Innovation has prepared a Request for Proposal (RFP) document that provides background information, outlines the scope of services, the procurement process and the information required from interested parties.

The RFP may be downloaded from (you will need to be a member of to access this information).

The closing date for responses is 5:00pm AEST, 28 May 2021.