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Nuts for Life – Educating health professionals

Closing date: 6 March 2020

Request for Proposal

Hort Innovation is seeking a suitably qualified, experienced and capable delivery partner for the project: Nuts for Life – Educating health professionals (HN19000).

The objectives of the services being sought are to:

  • Position nuts as the number one plant-based protein and showcase their unique value proposition in contributing to diets across the globe by supporting health and wellness, particularly as consumers move towards plant-based eating patterns
  • Educate health professionals on the latest scientific evidence underpinning nut consumption and the wealth of nutritional benefits
  • Increase health professional knowledge about the role of tree nuts in disease prevention and management
  • Educate health professionals on the environmental benefits of increasing nut consumption.

Hort Innovation has prepared a Request for Proposal (RFP) document that provides background information, outlines the scope of services, the procurement process and the information required from interested parties.The RFP may be downloaded from (you will need to be a member of to access this information).

The closing date for responses is 5.00 pm (AEDT), 6 March 2020.