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Banana bunchy top virus program (Phase 4) - National surveillance and education

Closing date: 18 February 2019

Request for Proposal

Hort Innovation is seeking a suitably qualified, experienced and capable delivery partner for the project: Banana bunchy top virus program (Phase 4) - National surveillance and education (BA18000).

The objectives of the services being sought are to (i) undertake surveillance and support the management of banana bunchy top virus (BBTV) in NSW and SE Qld, and (ii) deliver training and education on BBTV, including via existing networks, in order to:

  • Contain and control BBTV in northern NSW and SE Qld, with a focus on northern containment 
  • Reduce the impact of BBTV to the banana industry in northern NSW and SE Qld 
  • Extend adequate knowledge and skill transfer for the transition of BBTV surveillance and management to the banana industry.

Hort Innovation has prepared a Request for Proposal (RFP) document that provides background information, outlines the scope of services, the procurement process and the information required from interested parties. The RFP may be downloaded from (you will need to be a member of to access this information).

The closing date for responses is 5.00pm (AEDT), 18 February, 2019.